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finding back to my inner JOY,

our natural and pure state!

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Midlife was the turning point, when I made the breakthrough!-as we can do it all- reconnecting myself with my spiritual and sexual nature. There IS a way to grow in dignity, ease and pure joy!

Joy is a decision!


the only thing we are going to lose is suffering

My name is Alexandra Gomez, mother of two children. I come from a backround of studies of economy / coaching, art therapy and yoga education, in addition I have several further education in dance, sensual consciousness, tantra, Tantrayana Buddhism....

After my work in health management and consulting, I have been devoting myself now only to coaching and specially developed retreats.


….after my divorce of my second husband I realized that I am not going to lead the same life as before.

I had to say good bye to the life I was planning and face an unknown life that was waiting for me!

As being a seeker for spiritual and sensual wisdom and creative expression from early on, I was quite excited about the part waiting for me and the adventure I would be heading to. And something deep inside me let me know that whatever there will be outside for me will just be all right…  (you can read my whole journey on my blog)

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Over time I gathered so much informations from seminars, amazing people I met and studies.
I accomplished to generate a great variety of tools. 

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