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art therapy


over the years we have lost the sense of playing

we have cut off this part of ourselves that loves to…sing, dance, play guitar, paint, drum, …we agreed to conform, abandoning everything that´s fun and original and authentically us.

Let`s INVITE our imagination back

have the courage to turn against your habitual lifestyle and engage in unconventional living!!


Harold and the Purple Crayon.

the power of the purple crayon…it`s a powerful book, as it demonstrates a great spiritual truth:we are the authors of our own lives

Harold is a kid, he had not lost his imagination, his sense of wonder and awe. He keeps reaching for his crayon and draws every answer, every event, every friend that he needs. No one had explained yet that he couldn`t have whatever he wanted.

As long as he has his purple crayon he can can RIDE THE UNIVERSE!

Crayon and creativity might as well be the same thing.Let`s create the world to our LIKING!!


we have lost the sense of playing

we have cut off this part of ourselves that loves to…


INVITE your imagination back (as kids)

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Here It`s all about the process, your flow and your emotions and insights you have while you are drawing, writing or playing…There`s no such thing as failure- failure is just life trying to move us in another direction!


As an art therapist, I will support you to find out what makes your heart sing most, what supports you most in your own process.

You will embody instead of knowing from your brain, you will feel instead of read, you will dive into the whole colorful rainbow and offer the world the brightest shining of yourself!

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