In my coaching I am fully present with you and holding a safe space where you can express all your emotions, fears, expectations, doubts, anger, sadness, joy…everything is welcome in whatever way it appears- without judgement.

There will be moments from eye to eye , soul to soul where you feel the invitation to open up to your own inner wisdom and voice that is waiting for you such a long time.

I will be at your side, we are allies on this path and your heart beat will encourage you to surrender to the flow of your soul!

My life is not perfect and I am learning with you as well and being very honored to share a piece of your personal journey with you.


We will be using a mixture of coaching tools, non violent communication, art therapy/expressing creativity, yoga/breathing/meditation and sensual techniques and whatever we are going to create together;))

out of joy, love and compassion.

there`s no teaching from „above“




breathing together

playful together

laughing&crying together

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