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Mostly the process of „ feeling uncomfortable" starts with a kind of Crisis…in the middle of life (age of 40+)

Big changes in life:

children grown up..leaving home, relationships (20years..not so juicy anymore or divorced…single

_empty nest syndrome…meaning of my life?), till now identification with kids, partner, job


body changes (typical symptoms of menopause. heat flushes, insomnia, hair loss) and psychic challenges ( chaotic, depressiv, over emotional, afraid, anxious,…)


My offer

The holy badass training… from highly spiritual to totally grounded tools, earthy-precise steps to bring it into manifestation…realising visions


…as it integrates a lot of ancient wisdom of the Yoga tradition and Buddhism, Tantrayana Buddhism of Tibetan Masters

Badass.png it gives you exactly the power you need to be successful in daily life

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… the blend of both of them HOLY and BADASS makes the difference:


  • You cannot go into ACTION without a CALM MIND,(you could, but you would produce a disaster and confusion).

  • You cannot feel yourself or even another person without connecting to yourself first with breathing deeply, eye-gazing before you physically get one.

  • You cannot love deeply before you learn what unconditional love feels through awareness and presence.

  • You cannot find your own path by being busy without slowing down and taking time to listen to your soul in order to express all your creativity inside of you in the juiciest and most fulfilling way.

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…wake up to how truly powerful you are! and start driving with your INNER GPS (the intuition)!!

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My Tools

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holding  a safe space for you, listening, asking, being compassionate with you without judging…everything is welcomed, guiding you through the process, defining real goals and working out realistic steps to realize your vision,

motivating and reminding you of your own goals in periods of despair structure, goals, vision boards 



breathing techniques, bodywork/Asanas, hormonyoga(hormon booster), relaxation skills, yoga-nidra, meditation techniques, yoga as an attitude to life 

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art therapy

self care

…expression skills in a sensual field: movement, sound and breath, sessions in nature

feel sexy in your life and in your business again!

drawing, painting, singing, chanting, dancing, acting…all kinds you wish in order to let your heart and subconsciousness „speak“- you do not have to be an artist to do that , it`s all about finding back to the natural force in us that wants to create and express ( like we did as children), what is IN us!

creating your own USP, what makes you unique!

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i have to offer

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