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Aktualisiert: 2. Dez. 2018

This is my story. I am who I am not only because of the good phases in my life. Not everything was bright and fun. I went trough tough life changes, lost loved ones, had to adapt to situations.... but all of that shaped me. Made me who I am today. I'm so grateful for my path and the strength to push through all of that.

Midlife… turning point for me….after my divorce of my second husband I realized that I am not going to lead the same life as before.

I had to say good bye to the life I was planning and face an unknown life that was waiting for me!

As being a seeker for spiritual and sensual wisdom and creative expression from early on, I was quite excited about the part waiting for me and the adventure I would be heading to. And something deep inside me let me know that whatever there will be outside for me will just be all right …


the universe will always catch you

and place you exactly where you need to be!


the other part of me was shaking and confronted to manage daily life with my two kids, my team of work and a big, beautiful house with a garden at a beautiful lake at the countryside…

The decision of my kids and me was clear to sell the house and move back to Vienna in order to minimize the costs, get back to civilization, opening up to socialize and spend more time with friends and reach out for new possibilities..after years of living in a quite exclusive, monogamous marriage…

Over the last 4 years I started step by step to lead a life I was always dreaming of…learning and growing a lot with beautiful souls around me in my daily life as well as at all kinds of retreats, seminars and workshops and festivals from dancing, special women trainings, hormone yoga, conscious sensuality, tantra, buddhism to new forms of counseling or communicating.

I was traveling a lot, spending many weeks in the South of Austria, at an Island in Croatia, in Ibiza- where my Hippie soul feels so naturally home , as in San Diego in California, in the Midwest and Hawaii.

Actually during this last year I seriously took time off more and more to take a deeper look at all the „stuff“ I already learned and experienced my whole life till now….and that was a lot!

At the same time when I got a quite irresistable offer to expand my little business I was in over the last years I thought: what if I invested my time, my resources in MY VERY OWN „heart-business“ instead of making my old business expand, which would actually mean to invest not only more money but also more time in administrative work, organization, time behind my computer…

Finally I did exactly that and started to focus on my own potential, following my own dreams and believing in my own power…it felt so damned good! for the first time in my life I felt so appreciated and seen by myself after having nourished all the other companies of my partners, and motivated all people around me!

So here I am right now, having gone through this process of self-acceptance, self-love and self-empowerment…all the tools I am offering today are exactly the same that helped me to find my very own, authentic path and find back to my natural state of being: happy and creative! free and loving!

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